Local Phone Service

Santel Communications Cooperative provides local telephone service to the communities of Alpena (849), Artesian (527), Dimock (928), Ethan (227), Fedora (527), Forestburg (495), Letcher (248), Mt. Vernon (236), Parkston (928), Storla (248), Tripp (935), Virgil (883), Wolsey (883) and Woonsocket (796).

Call for rates on business phone services - 1-888-978-7777 or 777

Local Residential Phone Access Rates
Local Residential Access Rates

Local Facility Access (*except as noted)


Local Service Access - All exchanges


* Wolsey residents add $2.00 for Huron access

* Other federal, state, and city, taxes, fees and charges may apply.

Service Charge Rates

Connect Charge


Service Order Option Change


Non-Pay Reconnect Charge


Extra Listing


Wire Maintenance


Tech Care Basic


Trunk Hunting/Rollover


Custom Calling Features (view list)- Package and Save

3 or more call features

Save $0.50/month

6 or more call features, save

Save $1.00/month

10 or more call features

Save $1.50/month

Local Calling Plan

The only Local Call Plan is available to Artesian-Fedora customers. They have the option of a monthly charge of $1.50 to call Howard.

* Howard


* Available to Artesian-Fedora residents only