Broadband Internet Service Frequently Asked Questions.

How does Santel Broadband work?

Santel uses technology which takes advantage of your existing phone line. While regular phone calls are transferred at relatively low frequencies, data is transmitted at much higher frequencies. This allows you to speak on your phone and be connected to the Internet at the same time, on the same line. Broadband is an always-on service which offers a virtually instantaneous connection, with no lengthy dial-up process. It's as easy as flipping on a light switch!

Do I need to buy any equipment?

Santel’s broadband service requires a special high-speed modem. If you have Santel’s TV service, the residential gateway (cable box) will run both the video and the Broadband services. You will need an Ethernet card or Network interface card (NIC) in your computer; and your computer must be running Windows XP or Vista, or MAC OS System 9.2 or later. If your computer is running an older operating system, you can still have Santel’s Broadband service, but you will need to purchase a router. If you do not have Santel’s TV service, you will need to either purchase or lease the high-speed modem which can be obtained from Santel.

How does Santel Wireless Internet work?

Wireless Internet is high-speed Internet access which uses high frequency radio waves instead of telephone lines to connect you to the Internet. Your computer is hooked up to an antenna which we’ll place on your roof or pole-type structure. The antenna transmits radio waves to one of our towers and in turn, this tower connects you to our Internet backbone. This service does not use your telephone line at all.

Do I need to buy any equipment?

You will need a computer which is running Windows XP or Vista, or MAC OS System 9.2 or later, and you will need an Ethernet card or Network Interface card (NIC) in your computer. The service also requires a special high-speed modem and an antenna. The modem and antenna remain the property of Santel Communications and the cost for using them is included in your monthly wireless access fee.

What are the benefits of Santel High Speed Internet?

For Residential Users: • No Need for a Second Phone line • Dedicated Access-No Sharing Bandwidth with Your Neighbors • Affordable High-Speed Access • Uninterrupted, high-speed Internet access that's always on

For Business Users: • High Upstream and Downstream Speeds • Higher Productivity • Experienced Internet Providers and Dependable Service • Uninterrupted, high-speed Internet access that's always on

How do I know if my computer has a NIC (Network Interface Card)?

To determine whether or not your computer has a NIC card, proceed through the following steps: 1. Right click on 'My Computer' and select Properties. 2. Select the 'Hardware' tab. 3. Click on 'Device Manager' 4. Click on 'Network Adapters' 5. If there is an item listed under this section, you more than likely have a NIC card installed in your system.

How much does High Speed Internet cost?

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If I am on the phone, will that decrease my bandwidth when I use Broadband?

No, voice operates at frequencies below 4KHz. All other services, including Broadband, operate above that.

Can a High Speed Internet customer use a laptop computer at home instead of or in addition to their personal computer?

Yes, if the laptop has an Ethernet card or Network Interface card, it can be used for Broadband or Wireless Internet. The modem connected to the computer can be unplugged from the PC and plugged into the laptop or a 4-port modem will allow multiple computers to be connected simultaneously by Ethernet cables. A wireless router also can be purchased to allow for a “wireless network” within your home or business.

My computer tries to dial in, but I have High Speed Internet. How can I stop this?

This is probably because the Dial-up settings are overriding the network settings on your computer. Follow these steps to change this:

For Windows computers: 1. Click on the START button, highlight Settings, and then click on Control Panel. 2. In the Control Panel folder Double Click on an icon called Internet or Internet Options. 3. In the window that now appears, click on the Connections tab and place a dot in Never Dial a Connection. Click the OK button at the bottom of the window.

For Macintosh computers: 1. Click on the Apple menu, highlight Control panels, and click on TCP/IP. 2. In the TCP/IP window make sure the Connect via option is set to Ethernet and the Configure option is set to Using DHCP Server. 3. Click on the box in the upper left corner, and SAVE the changes.

When I open Internet Explorer I get the message "cannot locate server". What should I do?

Check your modem. Are there any lights on? If not, make sure the power cord is plugged into the wall. If any lights are flashing, unplug the power cord from the modem, wait 5 seconds, and then plug it back in. Wait for the lights on the modem to sync up, and then try the Internet again. If the Internet is still not responding, please call our office at 777 or 888-796-4411 for technical support.

What is Website Builder?

Web Builder is a tool that gives you the ability to create a personal or business website from a simple one-page business card to a full-blown shopping cart. No development fees and no programming fees. Just point and click…the best system for those that want a website up quickly and easily. You can choose from 1000's of options for colors, layouts, graphics and more. Add your own logo and the pictures where you wish.

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What is a static IP address?

Every computer connected to the Internet has an address which is called an Internet Protocol address (IP address). The IP address is formatted in the form of numbers separated by periods, for example: Santel has multiple IP’s so your IP address usually changes every time you make a connection to the Internet. A static IP remains the same every time an Internet connection is made. A customer can request a static IP for a low monthly charge.

How do I change my Password?

You can change your password by logging into the Account Management Center here using your user name and password.

How can I check my dialup account usage?

You can check your dialup usage by logging into the Account Management Center here using your user name and password.

What are Temporary Internet Files and how do I clear them?

The Temporary Internet File folder, or cache, serves as a record of everything that you have done on the web. This includes images, sounds, web pages, and cookies. To clear Temporary Internet Files, or cache, follow these instructions:

Using Internet Explorer: On the top pull-down menus (File, Edit, Tools etc.), Click Tools Then click Internet Options This brings up a box with 6 tabs across the top (General, Security, Content, etc) Click General, and then look for 'Temporary Internet Files' Click Delete Files And then, if it appears, check the box in front of 'Delete all offline content' Then click 'OK'. Click 'OK' again and this should clear all cached pages.

Using Mozilla Firefox: At the top in the pull-down menus (File, Edit, etc.), click Tools, Then click Clear Private Data Check or uncheck the data that you would like to clear.

How do I change the page my browser starts with (my homepage)?

If you are using Internet Explorer, go to Tools, and then Internet Options. Towards the top of the window that pops up, you will see a section labeled 'Homepage'. Enter the address you wish to be your homepage next to the label 'Address'. Click on OK when you are finished. (You may also click on the Use Current button if you’ve accessed this screen from the page you wish to make your new homepage.)

If you are using Mozilla Firefox, click 'Tools', then 'Options'. Click the 'General' icon. At the top it says 'Home Page', change the address to the address you want as your home page and click 'OK'.

What is Web (or Website) Hosting?

The World Wide Web (www) is a massive collection of web sites, hosted on computers called web servers, which are located all over the world. Web servers store your information (or website files), allowing it to be accessed by users on the Internet. Web Hosting is the business of housing and serving files for websites or any content accessible via the web. Santel is a web hosting specialist with dedicated web servers that are online (up and running) greater than 99% of the time. Our web servers are housed in datacenters that have reliable and fast connections to the Internet and also backup power and high security.

Why can't I find the Internet site http://www.example.com?

Typically three things cause this:

1. The address is typed incorrectly in the 'Address' or 'Location' bar.

2. The web site you are going to may be down for maintenance or is no longer in existence. The site may have been moved to a different address or domain. Try going to another web site to make sure that you are actually connected.

3. Check the cabling on the computer and the modem to make sure that they are tightly in place. Then reboot the computer to see if that changes things. If not, then follow the directions below to reset your modem.

How do I reboot my High Speed Internet modem?

If you are unable to browse the Internet and are unable to connect with email, then try rebooting the modem. To do this, follow these five steps:

1. Close all running programs, and shut down your computer.

2. Locate the modem and follow the power cord to the electrical outlet.

3. Unplug the power adapter from the electrical outlet and wait for 15 seconds.

4. Plug the modem's power adapter back into the electrical outlet and wait for five minutes. The lights on the modem may flash in random patterns for a while.

5. When five minutes have passed, turn on the computer and allow it to fully boot. Now try going to various web pages.

6. If rebooting the modem did not help, please contact Santel’s 24 hour technical support for assistance at 1-888-796-4411.

Can I check my email when I travel?

Yes. If you have Internet access, go to www.santel.net and click on the Webmail link. You will be asked to login using your Santel email address and password.

Can I still use Hotmail/Yahoo/Other email addresses?

Yes. We do provide free email with each of our Internet services, but that does not prevent you from using any other email service in addition to or instead of our email.

Can you delete an email for me?

If you are having trouble retrieving your messages from our server, we can delete an email for you. If you prefer, you can login to Santel’s Webmail at www.santel.net and delete the email yourself.

How do I block spam mail?

Santel provides free spam filtering to all Santel email addresses. To access the spam filter, go to www.santel.net and click on the link to Santel Webmail. Once you are logged in, click on Email Filter. You will be able to view and sort all filtered emails. If you wish to have any delivered to your inbox or completely deleted, you will have that option. You can click on My Settings to determine the strength of your filter. You also can enter any specific Allowed or Blocked Senders.

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