Tech Care Basic

What is Tech Care Basic and Why do I need it?

Tech Care Basic is enhanced wire maintenance to meet the changing needs of our residential Santel customers including data and entertainment. The Tech Care Basic plan costs less annually than 1 repair visit. A single repair visit is $100 per hour. ($40 for first ¼ hr and $20 for each additional ¼ hour).

What is included in Tech Care Basic?

  • On site trouble-shooting and diagnosing the problem when it cannot be handled over the phone
  • Repairing of existing inside phone wiring and cable/internet jacks
  • Diagnosing problems and making routine adjustments to customer-owned equipment
  • Hookups of new customer-owned equipment to Santel-provided services including digital TV service, DVR and broadband internet. Such equipment includes DVD players, VCR’s, TV’s, routers, computers, gaming systems.
  • Program or re-program remote controls
  • Customer training and eduction for Santel provided equipment, for example, remotes and TV guide usage

What is not included in Tech Care Basic?

  • Our technicians will not repair or provide replacement for any customer-owned equipment such as telephones, answering machines, TV’s, VCR’s, DVD players, PC’s, printers, gaming and/or surround-sound systems, and cabling specific to customer-owned equipment.
  • Wiring that runs between or among separate buildings, apartments or multi-tenant properties
  • Damage due to willful or negligent acts by the customer or customer-owned animals
  • Damage due to fire, flood, natural disaster, vandalism or acts of God
  • Pre-wiring of jacks in a new home
  • Wiring for non-Santel provided services

What are installation and service call charges?

Installation of new wiring or jack locations by a Santel technician. Basic jack installation = $50 per jack plus jack & wire. Wiring = $100 per first hour ($40 first ¼ hr and $20 each ¼ hr after).

Terms and Conditions:

Covered services/repairs will be made during regular business hours unless there is a complete outage of service. Expedited after-hour visits would be billed at the rate of $150/hr. Customers cancelling the Total Tech Care Plan within 1 year of a covered visit will be billed for the prorated value of the visit.  Santel reserves the right to limit the number of covered visits to no more than 4 in any calendar year. Our technicians will be able to address most common wiring and equipment issues, but we cannot guarantee all issues will be resolved due to the diverse nature of technology devices.

Are other options available to me?

Basic Phone Maintenance - $1.50 per month. This is available only to residential customers who have no TV or broadband.

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