Digital Cable TV Frequently Asked Questions.

Troubleshooting Tips:

If you are experiencing technical problems, the following simple checklist may save you time and frustration.

1. Be sure the TV and the Residential Gateway are plugged into a "live" electrical outlet not controlled by a wall switch.

2. Be sure that the TV is on the correct channel. Normal setup would be TV #1 on channel 3 or 4, TV #2 on channel 7, and TV #3 on channel 13.

3. Make sure TV controls (brightness, contrast, and horizontal/vertical hold) are properly adjusted.

4. If the Residential Gateway power has been interrupted for any reason, turn the Residential Gateway on…The front of your Residential Gateway should have several "red" lights at this time. As time progresses these "red" lights will slowly convert to "Green" which means that the service is coming back to your system. You will have to wait for approximately 4-6 minutes for the Residential Gateway to "reset".

5. Once the Residential Gateway has "Reset" itself just follow the message on your television (the message should read "Press the Select button for Programs") and once again you will be ready to enjoy Santel’s Digital TV services.

If you have followed these steps and are still experiencing technical problems, don't hesitate to call our Service Department at 611 or 1-888-978-7777.

What is Digital Video?

Digital video differs from traditional cable television service in the method by which it is delivered. Fiber optic cable and twisted pair copper cable (telephone wire) are used to transport the signals, rather than coaxial cable. Digital technology enables Santel to "compress" its signals, thereby offering many, many more channels than were previously possible with traditional or Analog Cable services. A "Residential Gateway" device then converts the high-speed data for use by the customer's television set. Digital video is often praised for its superior picture quality.

Does it mean I have to purchase a new Digital TV?

No, actually the opposite is true. One of the benefits of a Residential Gateway is that it converts a digital signal to accommodate your current TV. Because of this feature, you will be able to enjoy many more years of service from your current television, without having to go buy an expensive Digital TV.

Do I need to have the wiring replaced in my home?

This will vary from house to house...There are many different variables that will determine if Santel’s newest technology will work over your existing cable lines. There will be some instances where Santel will find it necessary to re-wire your home for a better signal, which will bring you a cleaner, sharper, and more defined picture than what you have viewed in the past!

Do I need a separate Residential Gateway for each outlet or room?

No…A single Residential Gateway will allow you and your family to view three different channels on different TV’s at the same time. The Gateway will also function as the modem for the high-speed broadband internet.

What's the difference between Santel’s Digital TV and these satellite services I hear about?

Plenty! For starters, there is no unsightly dish mounted on your home, no equipment to buy, and normally no contract to sign! Plus, unlike satellite services, you will receive all your local channels without an old-fashioned rooftop antenna. And you will not need additional receivers for your second or third TV’s.

If there’s a problem with the service, whom are you going to call?

With Santel Video, great service is a phone call away. Simply call 611 or 1-888-978-7777 for prompt, courteous service.

I understand that Santel offers music channels on their channel line up. What is this?

Santel’s Premier Video Package includes 37 channels of commercial-free, CD-quality sound on your TV or stereo, anytime...day or night. Each of the 37 channels plays a different type of music, including country, classic rock, hottest hits, Christian, children, oldies and everything in-between.

What equipment do I need?

A Residential Gateway and up to 3 remotes will be provided by Santel. If you need more than 3 remotes, you will need to purchase those yourself. Ask about options for using another Residential Gateway if needed.

Where does that Residential Gateway need to be located?

It can be located wherever works best for you, be it on top of a TV, on a shelf, or somewhere out of sight.

Is the quality of the picture different?

Digital Video means you'll get a picture with crisp, digital clarity accompanied by stereo audio.

Is extra wiring needed at my home?

The TV signal will come in on your existing phone line. If it happens that any other wiring is needed in the house, our technicians can take care of this for you.

Who should I contact about closed captioning issues?

For closed captioning issues, please contact Mike Bamsey, Network/Data Supervisor, PO Box 67, Woonsocket, SD 57385. Phone 605-796-4411 or Email info@santel.net.

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