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Get Control of your Video with Whole Home DVR
With just one DVR, you can record and watch your favorite shows in any room.
Watch one recorded show in the living room while the kids watch a different show in another room.
Start watching a show in one room and finish it in another.
Watch recorded shows in up to nine rooms with one DVR.
Schedule recordings from any room.
Set separate parental control options for each TV.

How does Whole Home DVR Service Work?

You can access your DVR recordings on any television that is connected to a set-top box.

Your DVR(s) and set-top boxes are networked together, so you can access your recordings on a variety of TVs, not just the one connected to your DVR. Also if you have multiple DVRs, all recordings can be accessible on all DVRs. .

Is there anything I can’t do on my set-top box that I can do on my DVR?

You will not be able to pause or rewind live TV on a set-top box, but you can pause or rewind recorded shows.

How much does it cost to have Whole Home DVR service?

There is a monthly charge of $2.95 for Whole Home DVR service. Installation charges may apply, if you don’t already have a DVR and set-top boxes installed at your home or business.